Sketch: Na Afterpartie

Pencil, 11×8 in. » ©2008 Sharon Rosa

This determined catguy has narrow, brown eyes. He has neck-length, silky, straight, orange hair worn in an exotic style. His skin is peaches-and-cream-colored, and he has orange fur with red ends on his ears and tail. He has an angular build. His tufted ears are alert, and his tail is long, plume-like and carried with a curve. His fashion preferences are best described as “the more boring the better.” Social events are among his favorite things.
from the Seventh Sanctum Catguy Generator

I figure on this guy being a rock-star-turned-club-owner. He dresses boring to impress the execs but tosses on a wild wig and a bit of guyliner when it’s time to open up the club. He doesn’t have time to go shopping for more interesting clothes; he’s got a part-ay to attend! Besides, all the girls love a guy in a suit… me-ow.

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