Sketch: Mixed

Pencil, 5½×3½ in. » ©2008 Sharon Rosa

Wow. I haven’t even scanned anything since a Celtic festival several weeks ago. Still been drawing, though, so i’ve got a backlog of images to start working through.

This is a quick sketch of a fidgety little girl who was sitting a few rows ahead of me in one of the concerts at the Irishfest. She was wearing what i typically think of as Russian clothing, but the fabric was a Celtic tartan (i have no idea which clan, but she matched some of the kilts wandering about… ) I thought it might be coincidence, but when her parents got up to leave i could tell her da was more Slavic than Celtic. Pretty cool.

Actually, this was a pretty diverse fest all around. Up until now, the only Irishfest i’ve ever been to is the Memorial Day weekend one at Jack Frost, which was always pretty much limited to Celts and Italians (i never actually saw any Slavs, but there were some Irish/Polish t-shirts for sale at the same stand where i got my Irish/Italian t-shirt, and considering my local area is more Polish than Italian, i’m sure there were at least a few.) Basically, Jack Frost Celtic Festival = all Caucasoids. At Celtic Classic, i saw a surprising amount of Mongloids. I only noticed one Africoid, but he was one of the athletes essentially being paid to be there, which makes him doubly cool in my mind. It was a little disorienting to see a Philipino eating haggis, but simultanously really great to see cultures mixing up like that. I wish more of our local cultures would throw giant parties to celebrate their existence.

Oh. And haggis? Jack Frost never had any vendors selling that, and there’s not many (…um, any, that i know of) local Irish/Scottish restaurants, so i’d never tried it before. It’s actually really good, and i’ve been craving more ever since the fest, and have been quite cranky because there is none to be had around here.

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