Sketch: Ghost Boy

Pencil, 3½×2½ in. » ©2008 Sharon Rosa

Unlike most ghosts, Ghost Boy was born this way. No, i don’t mean he was stillborn; he was born undead. His mum’s a vampire and his da’s a werewolf. Normally, such creatures aren’t capable of having children the normal way – and it was a surprise to everyone, G.B’s parents included, when Clarice got pregnant.

Given at birth the name Gilbert Bartholomew, Ghost Boy’s real name was quickly shortened to G.B. and then corrupted into Ghost Boy due to his unnaturally pale skin, inherited from his vampire mother (oh, and the whole “lack of a proper heartbeat” thing. Boy, did that freak out the school nurse when he started kindergarten.) He did not, however, inherit his mother’s sensitivity to sunlight or his father’s tendency to turn into a canine on full moons (though full moons are the only times of the month during which he seems capable of having any hair on his otherwise bald scalp.)

Large portions of the undead community are still arguing over which side of the family G.B. inherited his fangs from, and the zombie clan has been trying for years to persuade Clarice and George to set up an arranged marriage between G.B. and one of their younger girls.

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