Sketch: Club Luna

Pencil, 5½×3½ in. » ©2008 Sharon Rosa

Somewhat based on yesterday’s sketch, somewhat based on an idea i’ve had bouncing around my head for a while.

My theory is, the reason werewolves take on wolf form only during a full moon is because a certain intensity and type of light (the light reflected from the moon, at only the intensity of full moon) turns them into wolves. Thus, if werewolves were to build colonies on the moon, most of them would have no problems. During the “day” they’d be getting light directly from the sun and at “night” they’d be getting no light at all.

As an extension of that theory, a space-stay could probably be set up in orbit around the moon, with just the right orbit for the proper amount of light to be constantly reflecting from the moon to the space-stay, and plenty of windows, so all the werewolves on board were constantly in their wolf form. “Release the primal instincts” and all that.

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