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Electric Eyes
Electric Eyes » ©2008 Sharon Rosa

Inspired by the Illustration Friday theme, Electricity: A seductive android, with the kind of electric eyes no geek can resist.

I’m temporarily discontinuing the prints-for-comments drawings i’ve been running the past few weeks. Many reasons; none important here; move along. Point is, i’d still like to do something for visitors who care enough to comment.

One thought i’ve had is to upload some sort of special art in a password-protected post, and e-mail the password to anyone who leaves a comment. The question now becomes: What’s the special art?

It’s for you guys, so let me know: what kind of art do you want? Desktop wallpapers? Avatars? Something printable – a poster, some origami, stickers?

Leave a comment, be one of the first to get the Special Art. You know you want it ^_^

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