©2008 Sharon Rosa

Inspired by the Illustration Friday theme, hoard – originally i was going to do something cutesy, like a little kid hoarding video games, but then i decided to give Punchline an enemy or two. Starting with Diamondback, the diamond-hoarding jewel thief…

Diamondback has telepathic abilities which work on not only people and animals, but technology as well. As such, there is no security system he can’t work around.

I’m not too pleased with the anatomy, but look! Special effects! Shiny!

This week’s CIA = same as last week’s. Calendar explosions and all that.

Once again, i tried blogging the work-in-progress. Better WiP posts than last week, not nearly as overwhelming.

And. (this is turning into the Post which Never Ends.) There ought to be prints available, but ImageKind and DeviantArt are both being slow and malfunctional right now. And i may very well forget to upload later… so anyone who actually wants a print might need to poke me with a stick to get it up.

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