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Whew! Been a while since i did something for IF. It’s been IFX challenges or “Oops, too slow, missing deadlines, augh!” for a while now. But i’m back!

And so, inspired by the Illustration Friday theme, “Detach” – an android who can detach parts of his limbs and use force fields to extend them when necessary.

Doing something different with the WiPs this week… stay tuned for tomorrow’s update or subscribe to my How to Draw People site to be informed when they’re uploaded.

Oh, yes, did i not mention HTDP here yet? It’s exactly as it sounds – a blog to learn how to draw people, and people-like things (robots, fae, etc.) It’s, oh, around two weeks old now, and tomorrow’s update will be the first full-fledged demo. There’s some other useful stuff up already, though, so don’t wait – go check it out now!

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