Captain Charles Johnson
©2008 Sharon Rosa

Cap’n Charles Johnson. Very dignified sea-merchant, back before the Pirate-Zombie (or was it Ninja-Zombie?) attack of ’89. He still insists to his crew that, dammit, they are going to continue to act as civilised gentlemen, and there will be no eating-of-brains unless the provider of said brains well deserves it (pirates, ninjas, stowaways, misbehaving sailors…)

Captain Charlie is also sort-of a character in Jacqui Roux’s universe (yes, Jacqui gets her own universe. I was thinking over possible National Novel Writing Month/Script Frenzy plots and figured she’d make a good character. Right now the plot is “stupid humans attempt to go to war against vampires,” but that may change.) He’s likely not going to make it into any actual story i write with Jacqui, but i’ve been playing around with backstory for her and somehow she ended up being a powder monkey on Charlie’s ship back in the 1790s (also subject to change… well, okay, everything Jacqui touches is subject to change right now. Nothing is set in stone until her story turns into an internationally best-selling comic book.)

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