Man i haven’t updated a sketch in forever um, several days.

I bought a new Wacom Intuos3… i’m planning on getting an airbrush accessory for it at some point in the near future but i want to wait until my upcoming money issues (moving, returning to college, switching jobs, и Ñ‚.д.) are sorted out. I would’ve waited on buying the tablet, too, but my old one crapped out on me* (

So i’ve been practising a bit with it:

…i like it but haven’t quite got the hang of it yet.

Also, i’ve almost finished my picture for last week’s Illustration Friday theme, Moon. I’m slow / I’ll upload this weekend, done or not.

And. I the Comically Yours competition over at DeviantArt. My entry’s here, for those who are interested. I’m not really satisfied with it, but there’s no time to work on it any more.

*it may be reparable but i don’t see the point in fixing something which i’d only be using for another month or so anyway. In fact, i strongly suspect the problem lies more with my computer than the tablet itself. If any technogeeks want to take a stab at fixing an old 4″x6″ Deleter XP-Pen tablet, i’m just about willing to give it away for free. I mean, i’d like whoever takes it to cover shipping and whatnot, but otherwise it’s just one more thing i don’t want to have to pack when i move.

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